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Man & Machine Very Cool Keyboard

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The Very Cool is a stylish full-sized but compact keyboard offering the most flexibility within a washable design. Designed to fit into any workstation, wall-mount or nurse’s station, the keyboard is comfortable to type on, has adjustable feet, and is made of durable high-grade plastic. The keys are laser etched with extra large characters for use in most lighting conditions and to prevent eye strain.

Installation is super flexible and cleaning is super easy thanks to a quick disconnect cable to simplify cable management. The ability to quickly remove a keyboard from a workstation, without the hassle of undoing cables, saves an enormous amount of time and money. Adjustable feet allow for the Very Cool to sit flat or at an angle.

Featuring Man & Machine’s proprietary Tru-Lock technology, you can lock the keyboard for cleaning at the workstation without sending false commands to the PC. Locking and cleaning high-touch surfaces, like a keyboard, can help reduce the transmission of colds, infections, and other illness causing germs and bacteria.

Clean and disinfect using standard hard-surface cleaners. The Very Cool keyboard is fully washable. Whether you sink rinse, or spray the keyboard with a cleaning solution, the internal components are protected, unlike a standard keyboard. Fluids will easily flow through the drainage holes on the base of the keyboard. Liquids won’t have a place to gather and create into a mold growing swamp condition.

Tru-Lock Makes Washing Easy
Press the Fn key & F11 key simultaneously to lock the keyboard. The three LED’s blink when the keyboard is in lock mode. Clean keyboard using approved disinfectant or soap and water. After cleaning is done, press Fn key and F11 key simultaneously again to unlock the keyboard.

Colours: White



Part Number: VCOOL/W5 (White)

very cool medical grade keyboard

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