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Datalogic GBT4500 Handheld Wireless Scanner

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The Gryphon™ 4500 series represents the premium range of hand held scanners from Datalogic for general purpose applications. Designed with people in mind, the Gryphon I GD4500 imager stands out for the elegant and trendy design, the unchallenged ergonomics and features the most advanced Megapixel sensor with white-illumination 2D technology for outstanding performance.

Featuring Bluetooth® wireless technologyFeaturing Bluetooth® wireless technology(GBT model) or narrow band radiocommunications with Datalogic’s STARCordless System™ (GM model), the Gryphon4500 wireless readers provide maximumflexibility to solve any end user applicationwith the best technical solution.

One of the most important technicalOne of the most important technicalinnovations that the Gryphon 4500wireless scanners achieve is the batteryrecharge through an inductive chargingsystem, which enhances the reliabilityof the entire solution, lowering the totalcost of ownership because it eliminatesthe need for contacts’ cleaning andmaintenance procedures. The maximumreliability offered by the Gryphon wirelesscharging technology means 24/7 activitieswith no stops for maintenance or repairand top-level operating productivity andperformance.

Colour: White, Black or Health Care Green



Part Number: GBT4500-2D


datalogic gbt4500 healthcare scanner

Support Material

Product Benefits

Disinfectant - ready enclosures treated with anti-bacterial additives.
Point-to-point - and multi-point transmission.
Cradle - two-position cradle with Scan-While-Charging capability.
Batch Mode - batch Mode capability: +1200 codes stored in memory.
Motion Sensor - Motionix™ motion-sensing technology for seamless reading mode transitions.
Green Spot - datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ for good-read feedback.
USB - USB Certified Kits Available.

Tech Specifications

Product Documentation

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