Ultra 180 Arm with Keyboard Tray


Ultra 180 Arm with EV710 monitor mount mount on a 36" wall track slider, a bent keyboard tray, and an 11" arm

Medical Mounts

The Ultra 180 Arm EV 710 with an 11" extension arm is an innovative solution to the sit-stand workstation. Offering full articulation of your monitor and keyboard while supporting up to 32 lbs (14.5 kg). This unique and patent pending arm is fully counter balanced, making lifting or lowering your keyboard or monitor effortless. This arm provides 180° of vertical arm rotation and up to 360° of horizontal rotation. The Ultra 180 stows close to the wall, making it the perfect choice for tight spaces. Cable channeling through the arm assembly. Engineered for years of reliable service and quiet operation. This 36" (91.44cm) wall track mounted model has a keyboard tray with wrist wrest.
Machined out of billet aluminum, this unit is powder coated gloss white for a durable, lasting finish. Hand assembly ensures that a quality product is shipped to you.

Part Number: UL180EV7-T36-KUB-A1-MW

ultra 182 articulated arm

Support Material

Product Benefits

Sleek Design - and sturdy construction. Engineered for years of reliable service and quiet operation.
Ergonomic - Relieve eye, neck and back strain by easily moving arm to most comfortable position. Keyboard trays adjust to positive, neutral, and negative tilt for maximum ergonomic benefit.
Monitor Rotates - for portrait viewing of images and pages. Eliminates scrolling.
Extends and Retracts - Effortlessly push your display out of the way when not in use. 
Cable Management - System conceals cables and routes them through the arm for a neater appearance and to simplify cleaning. 
Versatile - The Ultra 180 can be configured to your specific needs. Ideal for computer workstations, and for mounting medical and industrial devices.
Rang of Motion - Unique design provides premium ease-of-use adjustability. Arm rotates easily at every joint. 
Compact - The Ultra 180 stow 10" (25.4 cm) from the mounting surface and are ideal for space-constrained areas. 
Popular - in healthcare environments and other settings that require maximum range of motion of a computer workstation or device.

Tech Specifications

Product Documentation

Product Brochure PDF


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