Medication Carts


Med Carts - Medication Cart

Medication Management


Standard medication cart for secure controlled access storage and transport medication.

Give pharmacy more control over medication management and workflows with a safe, secure way to dispense medications per patient.


Product Descripition:

Dimensions: 99cm W x 107cm H x 59cm D
Access Control: LCD Touch Screen
Power: Battery.
Connectivity: Wireless.
Software: Medkey or Modeus (Secure Access Control, Audit trail, Central Management).



mobile medical cart

medical supply cart on wheels


Med Carts - Supply Cart

Medication Management


Standard supply cart for controlled access storage and transport of medications, tools and supplies

Keep medical supplies organized in mobile carts to increase efficiency in hospitals, emergency rooms, and trauma centers.


Product Descripition:

Dimensions: 68cm W x 104cm H x 55cm D
Access Control: Electronic Keypad or Manual Key Lock
Power: Battery if electronic.
Connectivity: Wireless.
Software: Medkey or Modeus if electronic.





Med Carts - Transfer Cart

Medication Management


Used for easy bin exchange medication delivery; fill in the pharmacy, deliver to Medication Carts, Point of Use Dispensing or Pass Through Cabinets.

Safely transfer medications from the pharmacy to patient rooms and and patient care units to improve medication management efficiencies.


Product Descripition:

Dimensions: 116cm W x 144cm H x 81cm D
Access Control:Manual Key Lock
Power: None.
Software: None.



medical medication transfer cart

Customisable for Any Workflow

Storage Configurations

Doors, bins and/or drawers
Movable Shelves
Available in various sizes

Controlled-Access Mechanisms

Key locks
Proximity Cards
Electronic keypads
MedKey, Med Key Lite or
Modeus Controlled Access Software


Alternate height drawers
Alternate width cassettes
Drawer dividers
Schedule II drug drawers
Key-locking drawer
Writing shelf
Utility hooks
Clipboard holder
Glove box holder
Catheter container


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