Styleview SV10 Laptop Cart


StyleView® Laptop Cart, SV10

Documentation Medical Cart


The nimble SV10 effortlessly moves to the point of need, securely holding a laptop for comfortable data entry. Its patented lift engine easily adjusts the platform and screen to exactly the right height for whatever task is at hand.



Part Number: SV10-1100-0

sv10 lpatop medical cart

Support Material

Product Benefits

Truly ergonomic design - Height adjustable yet small, simple and lightweight, Fifteen inches (38 cm) of vertical travel for seated and standing use
Safety - Sturdy and safe metal construction
Cleaniness - Smooth, easily cleanable surfaces and are treated with antimicrobial for product protection
Stable - Integrated hand-brake secures platform height to provide an ultra-stable worksurface
Security - A bracket holds the laptop in place. Its inconspicuous design allows easy tilting of the screen without any occlusion of keys or views
Work Surface - A spacious worksurface accommodates most laptop sizes
Storage - Includes a convenient storage compartment for a power brick or AC adapter that is hidden yet easily accessed
T-Slot Channel - The t-slot channel interface on the cart’s column allows integration of accessories to customize a solution that’s right for your application


Tech Specifications


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