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Battery System

Scott Clark Battery System can be added to our range of non-powered medical carts and
you can also retro-fit your existing non-powered carts with our hot swap power system for a cost effective conversion to LiFe power!

The Technology

Over time we have seen hospitals move their WOW fleets from laptop to powered laptop to LCD and then powered LCD.  We believe it is imperative for hospitals to adapt their fleet to suit their changing needs.  In recent years, Debetrek has recognised the need for a lightweight, high-capacity, reliable battery system that can be retro-fitted to any cart.

We have developed a partnership with Scott Clark medical systems in Texas who use Ultralife, a US military grade battery manufacturer to produce what is genuinely the best of breed.  The simple design makes it easy for caregivers to install and remove the battery using one-handed operation, enabling powered mobile workstations for 24/7 use.

Certified under IEC 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment standard, the Scott Clark Hot Swap System can easily add power to new or existing non-powered carts from almost any manufacturer.

There is no complicated workflow needed to swap and charge batteries, just plug in as needed wherever a wall outlet is available or swap and go. The system can be migrated to other carts as requirements change. The lightweight LiFe battery and system are certified safest on the market and provide long life with a charge time of 2-3 hours and run time of up to 8 hours. 

This technology is widely used throughout Australia.  The system can be upgraded to a dual battery powered WOW with ease, and when used in conjunction with back up charging stations, this system is the most powerful available!

If the battery runs low, just swap the battery out for another to experience zero down time – one of the lowest failure rates on the market.  In comparison to LiFe carts with built in batteries that cannot be used in the case of battery failure or full discharge, this system can be up and running again immediately.  The LiFe battery is warranted for 5 Years, equivalent to over 3000+ cycles with 80% retained capacity.

The system is essentially self-managing as the state of charge indicator will show remaining run time for connected devices and will show error messages if appropriate so the user can diagnose any problems.



Mobile Power
A power system for mobile computing services.
Use in retrofitting and problematic exisitng carts.
In a hospital, FMCP can power almost ANYTHING that needs a battery.
Uses LIFE PO4 batteries than can be charged without removal, or removed and replaced with a charging battery.


Batteries can be swapped or charged on the cart.

Perfect for use with our mobile computing carts.

FMCP combines a BCS which recognises where power is needed.

Comes with a FIVE YEAR warranty.


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