UltraLife X5 - Power System (single & double)

Power Solutions - UltraLife X5

roller charger

X5 battery Cradle - UCA-X5

wall charger

X5 Smart Battery Charger - UCH-X5

power system single

X5 Power System - URS-X5

power system double

12.8v 21.6Ah (276Wh) Lithium Iron Phosphate Smart Battery - URB-X5

power system double

X5 Power System - URS-X5

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Battery System

ULTRALIFE’s new X5 Power System for medical carts provides users with a reliable AC power supply,
derived from one or two 276 Watt-hour Lithium Iron Phosphate X5 Hot-Swappable Batteries.
A quick change battery cradle, powerful integrated hold-up battery, LCD umbilical display and optional two-bay charger with
wall or desk mount options round out this revolutionary new power system.

Features & Configuration


Stylish aluminum caseStylish aluminum case
Integrated hold-up battery for uninterrupted battery swap over
Convenient access to power and communication ports
Works with URB-X5 hot-swap batteries or U1 embeddable batteries

Configuration Options:

Single URB-X5 hot-swap battery + embedded hold-up battery: 348.2Wh
Dual URB-X5 hot-swap batteries +embedded hold-up battery: 624.6Wh
Single URB-X5 hot-swap battery + U1battery + embedded hold-up battery: 839.7Wh


Mobile Power
A power system for mobile computing services.
Use in retrofitting and problematic exisitng carts.
In a hospital, The UltraLife x5 can power almost ANYTHING that needs a battery.
Lithium Iron Phosphate X5 Hot-Swappable Batteries.


Batteries can be swapped or charged on the cart.

Perfect for use with our mobile computing carts.

ULTRALIFE’s new X5 Power System for medical carts provides users with a reliable AC power supply

Comes with a 3 Years 3000 cycles warranty.


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