Caring for patients is now a ‘hand-in-glove’ relationship between the care provider and supporting devices. Majority of clinical workflows now involve interaction with devices.

Should devices fail the clinical workflow is compromised, risks to patient safety increase, productivity decreases and expensive assets are idol.


maintenance3Debetrek’s preventive maintenance and service offerings provide you the best possible level of certainty that devices and equipment will be:

Available and in optimum condition when needed to support care providers;
In service to increase operational efficiency by reducing downtime;
Functioning to a level that avoids the use of alternative workflows when devices are out-of-service;
In an optimum condition to maximise product life and reduce total cost of ownership;
Serviced in accordance with checks and balances specific to each type of device (powered cart, non-powered cart,
   wall mount, desk mount, etc.)
 Serviced by a trained and certified technician;
Supported by a call centre and service team to provide end-users and local support staff with advice and expertise
   to get devices back in-service asap.
Supported by on-site spare parts to provide ‘hot-swap’ capability to reduce down-time and minimise support costs.


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